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This is What it Sounds Like Stickman Edition

Manufacturer: Stickman Fine Art
Make: Stickman
Model: Stickman Edition
MSRP:  500.00 ( USD)
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Manufacturer Description

This Is What It Sounds Like (Prince)

Giclee on Canvas

Image Size 18 x 43 inches

Limited Edition

Prince is another one of those rare flamboyant artists that successfully combine Rock, Pop, Funk and R&B. Prince’s chameleon like style and colorful wardrobe was both fun and challenging for me and forced me to stray from my usual gritty style of work. This piece pulled me from the color pallet I was used to and forced me to use the bright pastel colors that I usually shy away from. The concept itself, is  basically a gathering of images that popped into my mind when I closed my eyes and thought of his long and illustrious career – then basically became a puzzle of how to mesh these images together to make a cohesive pop art collage set  behind my usual realism portrait. No Prince piece would be complete without topping it all off with a string of pearls and the coolest instrument in all of Rock n’ Roll – his signature pistol microphone.

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