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Jumping for Joy, France, 1988

Manufacturer: National Geographic
Make: James Stanfield
Model: Hors d' commerce
MSRP:  3,300.00 ( USD)
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Manufacturer Description

Jumping for Joy: Hors d' commerce

James Stanfield

Many NG photographs are the result of a highly talented photographer combining his or her skill with research and planning. But sometimes a wonderful image is just a fleeting opportunity, such as Jim Stanfield's joyful image of a young Parisian girl kicking up her heels outside the Louvre Pyramid, designed by architect I.M. Pei. While Jim was in France to document the French Bicentennial, he passed by as the child was being photographed by a friend and snapped two quick shots.

The resulting image of carefree innocence, energy and joy has been a favorite at NG since July 1989, when it first appeared in National Geographic magazine.

Publication History:

National Geographic magazine, July 1989, photo p. 1

National Geographic: Simply Beautiful Photographs by Annie Griffiths

Cover photo for I. M. Pei Architecte (French Edition) by Philip Jodidio

"National Geographic 125 Years Classic Image Exhibition," Taiwan, Sept – Nov 2013

“National Geographic: History, Photography, Explorations Exhibition,” Museum of Natural History Milan, Oct 2015 – Feb 2016

"National Geographic: Exploration Starts Here Exhibition," Seaworld Shenzhen, China, Dec 2018 – Mar 2019

LOCATION: Paris, France


MEDIUM: Chromogenic Photograph


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