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Blooming Azaleas, Mississippi, 1986

Manufacturer: National Geographic
Make: Sam Abell
Model: Artist Proof
MSRP:  16,300.00 ( USD)
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Manufacturer Description

Blooming Azaleas: Artist Proof

Sam Abell

I was driving on The Great River Road in 1986 on the way to Vicksburg, MS to make photographs for an assignment on the Civil War. I was stopped by a scene that had the classic elements of a southern plantation road — oak trees, spanish moss and the sandy driveway. The azaleas in peak bloom brought the image to life. I stood on my car to get the most flattering perspective and used a tripod. I had a serious intent in making the photograph, and wanted to live up to the perfection of the scenne.

LOCATION: Vicksburg, Mississippi
MEDIUM: Chromogenic Print

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