Gucci Challenges Counterfeits and the Grey Market with to Offer eTitles and Authentication Services for Gucci Timepieces

Reston, VA, March 22nd, 2015 —, a provider of authenticity verification and anticounterfeiting solutions, is pleased to announce that Gucci Group watch division has selected to offer eTitle services to their customers in an effort to combat counterfeit and grey market activities.

Gucci?s efforts come at time when the cost of counterfeit timepieces has started reaching epic proportions. Totaling half a billion dollars, the value of seized imitation watches and jewelry grew by an astounding 169% between 2012 and 2013, more than any other commodity.

Starting early fall of 2015, eTitles will be offered exclusively through authorized Gucci retailers. Providing authorized Gucci retailers a distinct advantage that differentiates themselves and their merchandise from counterfeit and grey market sellers. Our eTitles will detail the ownership history of the timepieces through the authorized Gucci supply chain and can be verified via our point of sale system or online check authenticity feature prior to purchases; thus, allowing Gucci customers to shop with confidence and proactively avoid counterfeit and non-warrantied timepieces.

At the time of sale, Gucci customers will be able to register ownership of the eTitle for their timepiece providing the customers with a verifiable record of ownership that is transferable if they ever wish to resell. This preserves the value of the authentic timepieces and extends the benefits of the verifiable ownership history to aftermarket sales.


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