Richard Mille Selects to Combat Counterfeits


Reston, VA, September 15, 2012 — Richard Mille is pleased to announce the selection of as partner in the combat against counterfeit and non-official watches sold through non-official dealers which has become an increasing global problem.'s industry leading solution will now provide authentic Richard Mille watches with an Electronic Certificate of Authenticity known as an e-Title.

How does it work? establishes partnerships with brands and authorized retailers who wish to protect the brand by providing an additional layer of reassurance and quality service to their customers. The authenticity and ownership history of a product is established by the brand at time of production, via the creation of an e-Title in The ownership of the e-Title is transferred and tracked from production, to distribution, to end consumer at time of initial purchase from an authorized retailer, and any subsequent ownership transfers.

Richard Mille strongly urges customers to register ownership at time of purchase and e-titles are exclusively available through authorized Richard Mille retailers. The decision to register ownership is entirely at the owner's discretion, but Richard Mille recommends doing so as it will provide an additional safeguard to your investment in a Richard Mille watch. Richard Mille wants very much to be able to reassure clients of used watches that the brand cares and wishes to offer optimum service in line with customer expectations. Residual values of used watches will be strengthened by this application in authenticating the origin and history of watches.

Richard Mille will first launch this application in the USA and other markets will follow in the next few months. Existing clients will have the possibility to enquire and obtain a certificate by presenting all the necessary paperwork and watch history. However every watch officially serviced can receive a certificate at the client's request.


Headquartered near Washington D.C., was started by government security specialists who seek to change the way companies and individual consumers alike sell and purchase authentic products.

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