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Aerial photograph of urban Hong Kong gives the impression of the city under a microscope.

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Product Specifications

Alone in the Crowds: Hors d' commerce

Gary Cummins

"I spent 10 weeks traveling in 2018, to reconnect with the world around me, to find myself. The majority of that time was spent in solidarity amongst the great oceans, mountains, and deserts of this world. I felt an extreme connection with the world. Even so much so in the dense urban areas of Hong Kong. 

Mixed in with 7.5 million people, my solidarity continued. Choosing to be alone in the crowds, I never felt lonely. This photograph represents that. The ability to be by oneself comfortably even when so many surround you."


Publication History:

Honorable Mention, Cities, 2018 National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year

Photo of the Day, 08.22.18, 16th Annual Smithsonian Photo Contest

Runner Up, Urban, 2018 Drone Awards


Additional Information:

Location: Hong Kong

Capture Date: 2018

Medium: Chromogenic Print

Edition: 30

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