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The cubs of Malaika, the famous cheetah mother in the Masai Mara, take turns surveying the land from atop a grass mound.

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Changing Shifts: Signed and Numbered

Mohammed Yousef 

In Masai Mara, the cubs of the famous cheetah called Malaika became old enough to start hunting. They moved from one hill to another scanning the countryside for prey. Here, they seemed to change shifts as one cheetah leaves the hill while the other takes her place.

In order for their mother (Malaika) to keep her cubs safe, she had to keep moving and change locations. Because Malaika was a great mother, I wanted to have that shot.

I dedicated three days to following these cubs. The challenge for me was to scan the grounds everyday looking for them. I would spend hours facing them trying to come up with an extraordinary shot.

LOCATION: Maasai Mara National Reserve, Kenya

MEDIUM: Chromogenic Print


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