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A white rhino at the Solio Reserve in Kenya.

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Horns of Africa: Hors d' commerce

Robin Moore


“As a trained biologist and conservationist I am driven to capture images that depict our relationship with, and impact on, the natural world. Fewer animals more ironically represent this than rhinos. Rhinos were once abundant throughout Africa and Asia, but in recent years have been poached to the brink of extinction.  The white rhino is the largest of the five surviving rhino species and one of the world’s biggest land animals, second only to the African and Asian elephant in size.”

Located 160km north of Nairobi, the Solio Reserve is the premier place in Africa to see black and white rhino in the wild, but these precious animals are at the heart of a bloody poaching battle. The previous night, armed rangers who patrol the park saw three men with tools and guns try to enter the reserve – the rangers won out, but it was an unsettling reminder that the battle for the survival of one of Africa’s most endangered species is far from won.”



LOCATION: Solio, Laikipia, Kenya


MEDIUM: Chromogenic Print


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