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A juxtaposition of two varieties of centuries-old cherry trees in bloom at Seiunji Temple.

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Product Specifications

Sakura: Hors d' commerce

Hideyuki Katagiri

"On a spring day, I visited Seiunji Temple, which is near the area where I live. It is known for its centuries-old cherry trees. I was taking a rest when a tree with an interesting trunk caught my interest. Then I noticed a second cherry tree; I could see them—one above the other. I think it makes the photo more glamorous."

About the Photograph:

The Japanese word for cherry blossom flower is "sakura," which symbolizes renewal and hope. While there are many different varieties of cherry blossoms, this specific image is of the Edo-Higan tree and the Beni-Shidare tree. The white petals seen in the front of this image belong to the Endo-Higan tree. This tree gets its name after the spring equinox, or "higan" which represents the time when they bloom. The bright pink petals in the background belong to the Beni-Shidare tree, or the weeping cherry tree. Every spring, for hundreds of years, these flowers bloom and display the beautiful shades of pink and white flowers.

Publication History:

Merit Award, National Geographic Traveler 2013 Photo Contest

National Geographic Traveler, December 2013/January 2014, p. 101

National Geographic, Photo of the Day, June 23, 2013

Additional Information:

Location: Saitama, Japan

Capture Date: 2011

Medium: Chromogenic Print

Edition: 30

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