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An atmospheric image of two Mountain hares fighting in the falling snow.

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Snow Fight: Hors d' commerce

Orsolya Haarberg

“Every spring we spend some weeks (or months) in the mountains doing cross-country skiing, ice fishing and photography. We have our base in my family’s mountain cabin where we place food for wildlife wandering around in the birch forest surrounding the hut. We often observe mountain hares, red foxes, pine martins and stoats passing by the cabin. Mountain hares are nocturnal – even in the mating season, most activity happens under cover of darkness. Therefore, I use artificial light to illuminate the hares. Fights occur among the individuals, either for food or for the females, but it is seldom observed. This atmospheric image, of softly falling snow around the fighting hares in a perfect position, is a unique moment I had been longing to capture.”

LOCATIONVauldalen, Norway


MEDIUMChromogenic Print


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