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A tower of barracuda surround a diver in a question mark pattern in Sipadan, Malaysia.

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Tower of Barracuda: Hors d' commerce

David Doubilet

“There is a large resident school of barracuda near Sipadan Island, Malaysia. These wonderfully social creatures form large schools during the daylight hours as a defense against predators that dissolve at dusk when they leave to hunt. They often choose different objects to encircle and swim slowly around. I watched as the school formed a carousel around a diver above me. The barracuda made a few turns around the diver and then began to flow like a living river back to toward the coral reef. As I was photographing, I began to see patterns emerge like free-form sculpture. Some people see a question mark, others see an exclamation point; I see a world of weightless geometry.”

LOCATION: Sipadan Island, Malaysia


MEDIUM: Chromogenic Print


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