View from Above, International Space Station, 2015 2678680HC

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A view from space capturing the never-ending shades of blue and green over the Caribbean.

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View from Above: Hors d' commerce

Terry Virts

“Every ocean on earth has small islands or atolls that are deep blue, turquoise, or even aquamarine in color. But nowhere on the planet even comes close to the intense colors of the Bahamas and Caribbean. It is simply spectacular; from the Florida Keys, to the Bahamas, and down past Cuba, there is a seemingly never-ending stream of colors, shades of blue and green that I had never seen before. 

What is also spectacular about this area is that you can actually see sand dunes under the water. Dunes in general are just sand particles being moved in rhythmic patterns by a fluid – in most cases, air, and we can see them in the great deserts of Earth. But in the Bahamas, they are clearly visible under the sea, from space! This is a beautiful corner of our planet – one that was even visible from the moon by some Apollo astronauts, and unlike any other place on earth in terms of intensity and variety of these beautiful, blue and green hues.”

LOCATIONInternational Space Station


MEDIUMChromogenic Print


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